The Milun School of Traditional Kungfu is a Chinese institution where students can continue the traditions of an authentic martial arts training in an open, welcoming environment. Staffed by internationally recognized kungfu champions, we teach martial artists of all ages and abilities from around the world. Small classes ensure personalized attention, a correct technique and a rapid progress.
We are an International Institution. You can find us in the most important and cosmopolitans cities in China (Beijing and Shanghai) and in Spain (Toledo).
Our curriculum is focused on a fully rounded martial arts training that goes from the care of the physical condition, applied self-defense to the philosophical study. Students train all year-round despite rain or shine, both at the school’s training hall in a Ming dynasty courtyard, and in many of the city’s historic parks in our Beijing and Shanghai schools. And others special places in Toledo.
IIn addition to our regular classes, we offer training services for beginners, professional martial artists, and specialized groups in all our schools.


Zhang Shengli

Founder, Beijing Milun School

Zhang Shengli is an internationally recognized martial arts champion with an unparalleled understanding of traditional kungfu history and philosophy. He has been a head instructor for the special forces of the Beijing Police Academy, performed for the UN in Chicago and been featured on the BBC, NBC and China’s CCTV.


Zhang Yuxuan

Head Instructor, Taichi, Xingyi, Bagua

Zhang Yuxuan has been the Head Instructor at the Beijing Milun School of Traditional Kungfu since 2004. He is an international martial arts champion and in 2002 won the title in the China Lightweight Men’s Sanda Kickboxing. Zhang has been featured by international media outlets including CCTV, the BBC and NBC.


Javier Tirado (Zhang YuAn)

Instructor Taichi, Xingyi, Bagua

Javier Tirado (Zhang YuAn), born in Cuenca (Spain), is the third generation disciple of Zhang Style Internal Martial Arts. Since 2013 has trained under master Zhang Yuxuan, a second generation disciple of Zhang Style Tai Chi, Zhang Style Xingyi and Zhang Style Bagua. He teaches in Spanish and English the Zhang Style Internal Kungfu in Toledo (Spain).


Zhang Baoxuan

Instructor, Xingyi and Sanda

Zhang Baoxuan excels in the ancient art of Xingyi and is a disciple of legendary Master Zhang Shengli. Zhang Baoxuan is a specialist in martial arts-specific fitness and physical conditioning. He has instructed martial artists from all over the world.