Kungfu is a powerful ancient Chinese practice that promotes physical and mental agility. At Milun School, we believe the most important part of kungfu training is to contribute toward a healthy and happy life.




Build strength, flexibility and coordination with physical conditioning developed by monks and perfectioned by sports science.


Understand China and ancient philosophies such as Daoism and Buddhism and learn how to apply them to modern life


Protect yourself and build practical defense skills that are effective against opponents of any size and ability


Get immersed in Chinese culture and language by learning about traditional health practices and Chinese medicine.


Clarify the mind, relax the body, and de-stress. Kungfu increases energy, vitality and improves immune functioning.

Kunfu is for everyone, we welcome all abilities

1Can total beginners join classes at the Milun School?
Yes. We welcome students of all levels and ages. Beginners are welcome to start their studies at the school at any time and no experience is necessary.
2What clothing should I wear to class?
Students should wear loose-fitting sports clothing and athletic shoes to class. Long-term students will be expected to wear Kungfu shoes and the Milun School Uniform provided by us.
3What style of kungfu should I study?
Students are welcome to study any of the kungfu styles offered at the Milun School. Many beginning students choose to start their studies with a foundation in Shaolin Kungfu, the oldest of China’s martial arts. However, we encourage students to try different styles to determine which style best suits their personal interests.
4How do you book your classes?
To accomodate busy schedules, the Milun School offers a flexible eight-class pass that is valid for up to six months. Students who want to commit for longer periods will be offered bonus of three months, six months or one year with different deals and discounts. For more information on prices, contact us.
5Can I try it out without enrolling?
Yes. The Milun School offers new participants the option to pay only for a single class (drop-in) without the obligation to purchase a school membership. Come to see us and try out kungfu! For more info about the cost of regular classes, contact us.
6I cannot speak Chinese. Do the instructors speak English?
Yes, all our instructors understand English and senior students are always available to help with translation. Classes at the Milun Traditional Kungfu School are conducted in Chinese with English interpretation (and Spanish).
7What if I do not have enough? Can I study more often?
Yes, the Milun Traditional Kungfu School offers more options to committed martial artists to extend to a more intensive training. For information about private and one to one tuition, please, contact us.
8Have a question not answered here?
Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help with any concerns.